Business Coordinator

Business Coordinator (Sales)

Specialist: DKGO

Position: 1311

Location: Puebla, Puebla

Annual Salary: 169,000 – 195,000 Year

Profile Description:

• Bachelor Degree (Adminitration, accountant)
• 5 years of experience in Sales (preferred Software & Hardware
• Experience Developing the Distribution Channel

Principal Responsabilities:

• Coordinate visits with potential clients;
• Supervise the sales force work and client contacts (Distribution Channel);
• Training promotion with Academic institutions, through academic leasing
• Coach the international distribution Channel;
• Interacting with the sales team to achieve goals and problem solving;
• Establish training strategies for the new distribution channels (National & international);
• Planning and coordination within the technical support department of the curse logistics for the distribution channels and after-sale clients’ service.
• Supervise and report to the board the Business Consultants performance through the monthly statistical data.
• Maintain closed contact with the in order to measure the clients and consumers’ satisfaction with the products functionality.
• Prepare and present the monthly sales report
• Supervise the distribution channel intervention in the marketing campaigns with the aim to increase the market share of the product in and out the country.

If you are interested, please apply directly on our website or send an e-mail to with the code DKGO – 1311.